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The Amber Mountain National Parc

The Amber Mountain National Parc Situated at a height between 800 and 1475 meters, the Amber Mountain has the merit of being the first national park created in Madagascar in 1958.
This volcanic massif is brimming with a very big variety of fauna and flora with a high rate of endemicity : there are epiphyte plants, tree ferns, strangling lianas, as well as huge trees such as Canarium Madagascariensis, etc. Typical of the wet forests, The Amber Mountain is also a sanctuary of orchids…

Orchidée de The Amber Mountain National Parc Besides, it is a refuge for several sorts of endemic animals like the carnivore Galidie Elegante, the crowned lemur, the lemur of Sanfor, as well as birds like the crested ibis…
Get also acquainted with the king of camouflage: the Uroplatus …
Take advantage of the beauty of then crater lakes and the waterfalls which are above all a vital and cultural resource for the region.
We also suggest walking for four hours, to be rewarded by a panoramic view on the Canal of Mozambique and on the Indian Ocean at the same time.
If you visit the site at night, with a little patience and some luck, you will be able to observe the greatest feline of the big island, the fosa. You will also be able to see the most mysterious primate, the aye aye. Take your torches with you and follow the guide !

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